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Spook Hill

Added: Aug 15, 2020
Category: Roadside Attractions

Get Your Chills on Spook Hill!

What would you say if I told you your car could defy gravity, and roll up hill all by itself? Well, it can at Spook Hill! Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida is a magnetic hill or “gravity hill.” Gravity hills can be found all over the world, and continue to spur folklore and curiosity as cars appear to roll up hill when placed in neutral. Not only is Spook Hill one of the country’s oldest known gravity hills, it is also the only known magnetic hill in the state of Florida. In April of 2019, Spook Hill was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Legend

Legend has it that a Native American tribe in the area was being harassed by a giant alligator. They sent their warrior chief to fend off the beast. Following his brave battle to the death, the chief was buried on the north side of the hill. Years later, pioneers hauling goods from the army trail, noticed that their horses strained at the foot of the ridge, even though it appeared to be going downhill. This eerie occurrence is why they started to call this area Spook Hill.

Is the warrior chief and the alligator continuing their battle in the afterlife? Or is it a mere optical illusion? The only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself!

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